Carrium means "Message From God!"



"These Are The Words of Truth!"

Three vehicles going to the same place cost three times as much as all being in one vehicle going to the same place.  Why were three vehicles taken?  Was it by instruction; or, was this because this vehicle is mine, and those belong to the other people?  How did the trip get started?  And, who was in the lead vehicle if this is a caravan?  And, how do you determine how to cleanse and purify water?  What is the substance you use for purifying the water?  The way God tells you to do it is the way it will be purified, and not a set and predetermined way.  If it is to be boiled; it is not the boiling that purified the water; but, the faith, because you followed an instruction given to you by the Spirit.

And, what determined if the food was good or not?  The way it smelled!  So, which was the good food; and, which was the bad food?  Who has the Power to cleanse something by Blessing it?  Surely the thoughts about which was good and which was bad did not give the Power to make it to be acceptable; and, many won't take the Word of God from me because of the way I look; and, when I am out on the road a long time, they won't accept the Good Word from me because of the way I might smell.  Where is the agreement; and, who gave that which people agreed on?

Running through dreams means you are not hearing what is going on!  You are not allowing yourself to be shown what these things are, because of what you have been told by those of the world as to why you are having dreams.  Who will not spend time with what is important that God has given?  "Running to and fro!"

Who among you is trying to control; but, acting like you are not?

You cannot make time: but, you can ask God to provide you with the time to do those things that are required of you!  Don't expect someone else to make time for you, either.  Bosses are controlled for the good of those whom the Lord loves!  Look at how much time God gave to Nehemiah!  The king showed him favor, because God caused this to be.  But, what is it you want that time for?  God gave Hezekiah 15 year more time!  God does give people more time who are busy about doing what is right, and needful!

From the Book of James, chapter 1, it is written, saying, "My brethren, count it all joy when you are faced with various temptations (So be it, my Lord!), while knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience. (So be it, my Lord)  But, let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."  (So be it, my Lord!)  Temptations do come!  You are faced with them often!  Temptations are needful so that by enduring them, we can receive the fruits of Righteousness that we need!

Awareness from God gives us the ability to do what needs to be done, because He knows what has been left undone that needs to be done!

The Lord God said, "He that has an Ear, let him hear!"  You have a listening disorder!  Ask God to give you the ear to hear!  Where were you when you learned listening?  Were you not in darkness?  Now, you are trying to listen to Light with listening you learned in darkness!  Your heads are full of the things of the darkness as was shown to us in Ezekiel 8.  You are being distracted by the things in your minds, the same as you can be distracted by sitting in a room full of hecklers as you are trying to listen to what someone is saying.  These are the things God has given you Power to cast out of your own mind!  Curse those distracters and those noise makers!  Let it be known to God that you want to listen attentively to what he is saying; and, He will give you the desires of your heart.  He makes sure you can receive what you desire to receive that is for your good.  This is your faith!  This is your doing what you are instructed to do!  It works, because that is what God instructed you to do.  This is how your faith is being built up.  And, at the same time you are conquering those doubts that are in your mind.

"Angelitos Negros: Black Angels!"

I enter into a place in continuance in the way!  I don't start being that in that joyful way after I enter into a place!  I am joyful before I walk through doors!  I take joy into the place!

"And, when you shall see him, there is no beauty that you would desire him because of his good looks!"  That is how God sends His preachers!  Many evils are taken because of their appearance!  I am Black: but, the Spirit in me is Light!  Let me stop thinking old: but, give me to think Infinity, O Mighty God, because that is the Truth about my Life!  My Life does not end!  The Mind is Groomed with all of Its proper Thoughts!  You Bless, O God; You Bless with all Proper Thoughts of Truth!  Curse are you, all thoughts of dying!  "You be removed; and, you be cast into outer darkness!"  I do not die!  The body returns to the earth; but, I live forever!  The body ceases to function in this world: but, the world to come is forever where I shall be.

Did you expect God to flatter you?

Worrying about people won't help them!  Worrying will only cause you to be sick!  Be courageous!  Be one that can pray with confidence; and, God will satisfy you with peace about every decision He makes about a person.  If he decides to kill someone; you will be at peace, because He will send His Comfort into your heart!  People cannot continue to go on living in the grace of another!  Everyone must have his own concern for his own life.  Jeremiah was told to stop praying for the people, because the grace they were receiving because of his prayers did not benefit them!  They continued to wax worse and worse in the grace they were receiving because of Jeremiah's prayers.  Grace is given by the prayers of the Righteous for people to have time to make changes for the better: but, when they start using that time to increase in wickedness: God will cut off that grace.  Are you showing improvement with the time you are being given?

Even though Nabal, (Abigail's husband) was wicked; she did not desire for him to be killed!  She did what she could to try to save his life, because David and his men were coming to kill him, and destroy his whole house.  The preachers are doing all they can do to keep you all from being killed, because the Lord shall send His Angels to destroy all of the wicked out of the land!  In some cases, the Lord said He will find more Righteous people in one family than He will find in a whole city.  That means wickedness is great in this land!

Being stubborn and proud will bring you to shame!  You won't be so proud of yourself when your consequences come for your stubbornness, and there is no one to get you out of the mess you got yourself into because of your pride and stubbornness.  Who will come to get you this time?  God will not send anyone for you, because He will not be hearing your cries!  "Don't Test God!"  Believe what He is telling you through my mouth as I speak, and by my hands as I write!  Not believing it does not make it not to happen!  Only that which is for your good can be stopped by you not believing it!  But, when God pronounces a destruction; unbelief cannot turn it away!

"The Lord of Hosts Is With Me!"

Blessed is the Lord; and, Blessed are the Hosts of Angels!  We sing together!  I sing with the Angels!  They help me to sing; and, They encourage me!  I paint; and, They Help me!  They Help me in all that I am given to do!  Blessed is the Help that comes unto me from the Lord!  I am thankful!  I delight; and, I am joyful!  I don't need to play to have joy!  Productivity is Joy to me.

See God; See Jesus; and, See the Whole Heavenly Family!  See the Family Gathering Together!  Our desires are not for to be with those who are outside, except to invite them to come into our Family!  That's the only desire I have for those who are outside of the Kingdom of God is for them to come into the Kingdom.  The Lord God, our Heavenly Father, said we go to people to invite them to come to the Wedding Feast of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The First Relationship is with the Heavenly; and, all other relationships are built around that!  The Home Desire is the Desire of the heart!  We desire for people to come stand with us!  We want them to have their desire for us; and, we don't orbit in the circle of another!

You really don't have any appreciation for what God did for you!  If you had, then doing what He requires of you would not be such a struggle for you!  You would always be seeking association with the Body somewhere!  You don't have mixed emotions!  A dedicated person does not have to be pushed, because what he does is his love, and his delight!  He is corrected in his zeal to do that which God gave him to do: but, his dedication always remains!  He does not lose his focus once it is set.  You must have appreciation for what God has done for you before you will serve Him with your whole heart!  You are a thankful person because you know what He brought you out of!  You will give your best to Him at all times!  No one who is appreciative acts like he is doing God a favor in doing what God has commanded him to do.  We work in any capacity; and, we do what we are doing gladly!  Being a friend to God causes you to be friendly with people; and, you show the same concern for the well being of people as He has.  As all of His desires are for the saving of people; so, is the desire of a dedicated person.  There is no loss of focus in this.  All of my work is towards that end.  The desire is to be fruitful; and, bring people always to the Lord.  My pleasure is this work that I am given to do!

Web sites that do not glorify God will not appear as links on any of my sites!  There might be some places on older Reports where these still appear; but, not on anything that is new!  As the Lord points them out, they will be removed.  Go your own way!  Show that you are pleased with the Lord: but, you do not do anything of these things just to please me!  If you cannot serve the Lord with your whole heart; don't do these things.  I don't take Tithes and Offerings from people who are not dedicated to the teachings the Lord is sending forth through me.  These teachings are for people who want to grow up into the Likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Give your money to someone else, because you cannot buy your way into Heaven.  A sincere person doesn't need to be reminded about praising the Lord, because his thoughts are always towards the Lord.  Whatever is your joy: do that, because this is the only life you have!  Do what makes you happy!  You will appear before God at your end to give account to Him for all of the deeds you did with your body while in this world.  I will not give anyone a reason to believe I beg them to serve the Lord.  I put the links in my favorites bar: but, I don't direct people to anything that does not Glorify God!

This is not a game; and, I don't mess around with insincere people, because I take what I am given to do seriously!  No one will turn me away from God.  Guilt trips have no power!  Relatives cannot come between me and the Lord God.  Only the serious will I deal with.  Play your games: but, they will end soon.

I pray unto You, O Mighty God, that You would send Your Angels to turn his attention back to you!

I will not be anxious for anything!  Everything has its time; and, God has set the time for everything I will be doing!  So, I am not in a "Hurry Up Mode!"  I work with speed: but, not with anxiousness!  And, neither can I be made to move too slow!  "God Is In Control!"

There is a Promise from God that I am given to remember, whereby He said people will know that He did send me, and that there has been a Prophet in the land!  The soldier at the cross finally said, "Truly, this Man was the Son of God!"  People finally realized Who walked among them!  He is more than what your mind is telling you!  Blessed are those who know the Joyful Sound!  God joyfully sends the Preachers; and, what we are saying brings joy, and what we are saying is good tidings!  Who would not appreciate being told about a destruction that is coming, and how you can escape?  What is the Escape Route?  Who did not appreciate being told which way to go to escape the hurricane that was coming?  Amen!

"One Page Samplers!"

My Lord, give me that "One Page Sampler" that You spoke about!  If they desire more; they are instructed where to go to get it; and, then they can eat all that their hearts desire!

"The Eyes of The Lord Are Upon You!"



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