Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"

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"Your Heart Is Not Broken: But, It Must Be!"

It is necessary before you can be helped!

Wake up, now!  It's only going to get worse!  Wiser when you are older????  There are also old fools!  Wisdom is now, because you may not live to get older!  The beat is good: but, the words suck!  Who wants to spend their youth being stupid, and say this is having fun?  How can one who ain't wise give wise counsel!  We have traveled a rough road; and, have called back to those who are following us to tell them about those pitfalls!  They have grown worse since we passed that way!  Many who fall into them will not recover, because they ignored the warnings being sent to them!  Destruction is set!  You will never be wise if foolishness is your joy!  And, you will never wake up at the calling to awake out of your sleep!  Everyone who is caught in this destruction of youths that is taking place believed it would not happen to them, because they are wiser than those who were before them.  That is the trap; and, the trapper is in your mind, leading you on to the traps!  You are too smart for your own good!

Get your tools ready that you are going to work with!

An Angel was shown to have brought food and water to Elijah!  Elijah is a man of Faith, a servant of the Most High God!  God brought down quail for the people of Israel: but, because of their unbelief, and questioning of the Power and Ability of God, they died when they ate it!  They were testing God; and, not believing in His Power!  How will you get your food where there is no food?  By Faith!  And, we gain our comfort and believing in His Power and Might.  We come to where there is no doubting in our minds about His Power!  Yes, we are growing up!  Doubting is not my belief; so, I curse the doubting spirits out of my heart as they are revealed to me.  This is awareness that God gives us!  We see those evil spirits within, prompting us to doubt: but, instead of allowing them to remain to keep influencing us to doubt, we destroy them.  We are brought on to the fullness of believing.

"Peace!  Be Still!"

"Cause and Affect!"  We speak often about seeing out the cause of the problem, and having the cause destroyed!  What is causing the problem?  Is it physical or is it spiritual?  Tiredness is the affect: but, what is causing this?  The Spirit is sent to search out the cause, and destroy that!  Then, the affect will cease!  Sometimes the cause works a "domino affect!"  It affects one thing to affect another thing; and, that affects another thing, and so on.  After the cause is destroyed; then, all that was affected by that which began the trouble is set back in place.  This is called restoring!  Like when the sea was raging, and the Lord Jesus rebuked the wind, because it was causing the sea to rage.  And then, He commanded the waters to settle down.  There are things that can set things in motion, and those things will continue in motion even after what caused the motion is removed.  Again, after removing what is causing the problem, you have to command those things that were affected to be still.  Many times you are also caused to be in a rage because of what started with something else, like how the disciples were very disturbed by the raging sea.  So, commanding the sea to be still also caused them to settle down.  Somebody in your house is in an uproar!  Rebuke the cause; and, command the uproar to be still!

Felicia, did you find out who that old White man was yet?  "Who are these people?"  Sincerely desiring to know something is what causes you to know what these things are: but, just casually looking at them will not gain you the needed understanding!  How old is he: physically old or Spiritually old?  God did not say how old the husband would be, nor what race he would come from: but, only that he will be settled, and in the Kingdom of God!  When you are single, the Lord is your head; and, He is your Driver: but, when you are married, you turn the driving over to the husband!  All that you have become his, even as you are his.  And, the Lord will be your Head through your husband!  And, a husband will love his wife even as himself!  The wife gives up her relationship with family, and becomes one with her husband!  Nothing shall stand in between these two, because they are becoming one.  Understand why Abraham sent his servant to Abraham's family to get a wife for his son.  What is the meaning of getting a wife from among his people?  This is not physically interpreted; but, Spiritually!

Kind of like the women of old going down to the river to wash their clothes; and, they are laughing and talking with one another, huh, Riech?  You can make experiences very joyful!  "A Gal's got to do what a Gal's got to do, huh?"  If you got a possum on the roof; you gotta get him to come down!  Praise God!  All things work together for good for those who love the Lord!

Did not God command us to live joyfully?  God gives people warnings to protect them to prevent them from going into dangers!  He tells us about sins because He knows where sins will lead people, and what will happen to them.  When He says to turn from those wicked ways; He is tell us these things because He loves us.  He is always telling us what is good for us.  But, we have to decided whether we will do what is good for ourselves.  He is always telling us the right directions to go, and the right decisions to make.  People are acting like God is trying to keep them from a joyful life, when it is just the opposite!  He wants us to live joyfully: but, He is telling us about those things that appear as joyfulness in the beginning; but, will turn into one hell of a storm later.  Those things you are excited about now will turn sour on you, because these are the things of the darkness.  Follow the Paths of Peace that He is directing you in.

My Hope is to provoke people to Righteousness!  Know just how important it is for you to get what you need right now, because the time will come when it will no longer be available.  Did not the Lord tell us these things?

You are Blessed, O Lord God!  You cause my mind to be turned to where it needs to be turned!  You show us the errors, and we are able to get them cleared up!  You know when something has gone wrong!  We lie down to sleep: but, we don't fall asleep!  We stay awake upon our beds!  I lay upon the bed with no desire to go to sleep, because I did not fall asleep: but, I heard not to desire to sleep.  Then, I was asleep, because the Lord gives us our sleep.  I lay awake listening!  Evil is not able to creep in to cause me to desire to sleep by trying to fall asleep.  People toss and turn because they cannot fall asleep: but, you should be communing with the Lord upon your beds!  Then, He puts you in a deep sleep.


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