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"These Are The Words of Truth!"

"What Is Lasciviousness?"

  The love of many waxes cold in selfishness!  Amen!

We know one form of lasciviousness as being when a person wears clothing that reveals the body, which causes another person to start to lust. We have seen entertainers on stage, making erotic gestures before the audience, causing the people to lust after them. Many are enjoying the thought, knowing that someone is lusting after them! They know that these people are having sexual fantasies and desires for them. They are enjoying destroying the souls of others. They are getting paid "Big Bucks" to destroy souls on stage. Their acts are increasing fornication in the midst of the people. The audience cannot have these entertainers, so they will have sex with someone to satisfy that desire that was caused to be stimulated in them. This is going on all over the land; and, the problem is great. The person that sins by lasciviousness, is caused to be moved into sin by the acts of someone else. Lasciviousness is anything that is thought, done, spoken, worn, or shown that stimulates an evil desire in the heart of another! Consider something being caused to be, for a reason!

  Sometimes, being lascivious is not intentional: but, is done through ignorance, whereby someone has caused someone to sin, without awareness of what is being done! The first thing is to be made aware of what is being done: and then, there must be caring about what is being done to others. But, God educates people about how not to cause someone else to stumble: for we are to do all things for the good, and building up of others! We start to see our errors; and, to understand our secret faults, because we become concerned about them! We start to become built up in the caring for the souls of others by making sure we are not doing anything that will cause them to stumble, nor to believe in something that is false. If anyone should fall through lusting; let it not be because of what we have done, spoken, or shown! Amen!


 Lasciviousness is a sin which is committed by one which causes others to sin! That which was done, said, or shown was the cause of the other person entering into sin. Be concerned about that; and, consider how the Lord Jesus carried Himself before people! Amen!

  My Lord, give us more examples of lasciviousness, I pray Thee! Amen!

  The advertising media is based on lascivious principles! It entices people not to be content with such things as they have, when that which they have is sufficient for them. People are made to lust after things that they should not be desiring; and, because of that which is shown, people are made to respond in a foolish way. Foolishness is one of the sins that was pointed out in Mark 7, along with lasciviousness! But, lasciviousness can be the cause of all of these other sins! Consider the lusting that is brought about because of the sight of something. Consider the female that will show parts of her body that is not suppose to be shown; and, by the sight of this, a person will be caused to desire something that he should not be desiring. Consider sexually oriented commercials, which pretends to be advertising a product; but, they are actually aimed at the sexual desires. The actors and actresses are being used in a lascivious way. Consider what the advertising media shows over the televisions, that stimulates the desire for the things in the children; and, the children will pester the parents into getting this for them! The children throw tantrums; and, become bitter because they are denied these things which they are made to desire. The peace of the homes are disturbed because of this. If the lust causes peace to be destroyed in the home; then, the lusting has brought about an evil result. If a woman shall wear clothing that causes a man to desire her sexually, when it is not lawful for him to do so; that is lasciviousness! The sight of her body caused the desire to be stimulated in the heart of the man. Amen!

  What about the woman that got raped? I heard a report about how a female singer had just finished her performance on stage; and, she gave a ride to a fan! But, he raped her! I considered what had she done and said in her songs, during her performance to stimulate the desire in him. Many females have said that their rapists have said to them that they were asking for it. But, they refuse to see how they did suggest to the man, in a subtle way, that this is what they wanted! When I saw the video of this female's performance, I understood how men were being enticed to desire her sexually! She made many suggestive moves, which are moves, which are intended to arouse sexually: and, she placed her privacy before their faces! She sat, opening and closing her legs in a flashing way, before the camera. Surely, that is where a man's attention will start to focus, because it is being fed into his heart through his eyes. Find out what you are speaking with your body, and shut that conversation down. You can say with your mouth that this is not what you wanted: but, what was your body telling the person? You are feeding an evil spirit, within the heart of the man, with strength, by revealing suggestions to the man. You are helping the evil spirit to overpower that person's will. Do you realize what you are being used to do? An evil spirit, coming upon a person, is like someone getting sloppy drunk: they don't make wise decisions! And, no man can control a spirit by himself: that is the Word of God! So, don't think that they can. Don't you be a vessel that the evil can use to cause someone else to stumble. Your performance is before people who don't have the Spirit of God. Consider how king Saul acted when that evil spirit came upon him. This is what you must become aware of. Look around you; and, see how females are dressing; and, how they are really stimulating the imaginations of men with the way they carry themselves. There is much lewdness among the females in these days. The females must become very concerned about how they carry themselves, for their own protection, and for the protection of the souls of others. And, for this reason, rape is on the rise! We are not agreeing with rape: but, we are trying to get females to consider what they are doing that is adding to the problem! Every problem has a cause. The Apostle Paul spoke about giving up what he likes, if what he liked caused another person to stumble. That is an act of love! He said we are not to destroy another person with our liberty.

What is a deceitful bow?  A deceitful bow is a weapon that kills the one who is holding the weapon when he fires it at someone.  So, a bow is symbolic of the weapons people use in these days!  A gun is a bow!  A gun is caused to explode in the face of him that fires it!  He is the Angel of the Lord that causes this!

Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel, Whom the Lord has assigned to stand up for us against those who rise up against us. Arise; and, scatter every evil power that contends with us, I pray Thee! Amen!

  Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord sends unto His servants with the Reports! Give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

Blessed are You, O Lord God of our Peace! Cause us to be still; and, be You exalted above the heathens that come to try to disturb our peace!

  Blessed are You Who cause us to understand! What is the Report? What of the night, O Watcher?

  Who is the Watcher? The Lord on High sees and knows all things! Let the Watcher report what He has seen and heard! The Lord causes us to know what we need to know! Purge us of the evil, O Lord! Our hearts definitely needs purifying! Purge out all of that which remains of the old man, I pray Thee! Strengthen us in the battle to destroy the remaining evil from within us, O Lord: because You are Superior Strength! You give us of Your Own Strength; but yet, You are not diminished in Power! Powerful evils are set up against us! I speak of that which is within! Let all the fightings from within come to a conclusion, I pray Thee; and establish peace to rule in the heart, O Lord! Strengthen us in the battle against that which is outside of us, also, I pray Thee! That which is within, is joining together against me; but, You, O Lord, do destroy much evil together!

  Sometimes they come in groups, as nations joining together to battle against another nation. The evil has seen what happens to those evils that go up against the righteous by themselves; so, they will now start to combine their forces in an attempt to turn back the righteous. This is what was shown as happening with Israel when they started to defeat the nations that were before them! Other nations took notice of this; and, they joined forces to go out against Israel.

  My Lord, I ask that You would prepare us for the battle against a multitude of nations! What is coming up against us, now? I saw how the Lord had caused three kings and their armies to fight against one another: but, I have also seen how the evil will try to cause the same things to happen in the midst of the righteous! They will try to cause us to fight with one another. What confusion will they try to cause? At what point will they attack? My Lord, cause the breaches to be revealed, I pray Thee; and, cause me to know what to do to close up these holes! Who will leave a door open so that the evil can come in?

  People have been seen making moves without putting God first! Why are these steps being taken, and afterward there is a need to be corrected? The Lord spoke about how people rush into something after putting hearing the Word of God on hold. The Lord sent a Report by CD, or by cassette tape, or by a written Report; and, the people laid it down, saying, I will get to it later!” There was something else that was more important to do than to hear what God had to say. In Psalm 18, the Lord God said He would be unto us even as we are to Him. This person went forth to do something; and, that which was done turned out not to be a good move. The Word of the Lord came afterward pointing out the error! The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want! He makes me to lie down in green pastures! He leads me besides the still waters! He restores my soul!

  Let the evil man of Satan be no more! I looked at this evil man as an identical twin! He has my appearance; but, he does not have the nature which I desire! Let no one ever see him again, I pray Thee!

The Spirit is always present: but, you just have to learn to acknowledge His presence at all times!  You see physical people, and you acknowledge their presence because you see them: but, the Spirit is what you need to acknowledge His presence, even though you do not see Him.  The Lord has given His Angels charge over you; and, They never leave you!  This is the state of mind you have to come to.  They are the Superior; and, you are the subordinate!  They are Superior to you in all things!  An Angel is your Closest Friend!

You have to hear and know corrections no matter what mouth it comes through!  Know the Spirit of the voice!

"Signs Are Given For Those Who Believe!"

You will see these signs after you have believed!  We are working on your believing!  Your initial belief is that God is speaking with you through those vessels He has ordained!  Who sent this to you?  Acknowledge the Lord!

"The Lord Is The Strength of My Life!"

I know people cannot hear me speaking things: but, it is not because they can hear me speaking, that actions take place with them: but, it is because I was given to open my lips, and the Words of God came out that they were delivered!  Many things are removed because the Lord spoke against evils to set captives free!  What were you bound with that God did not know?  Things suddenly leave people!  They are able to rise up and walk.  They can now get moving!  Evil be attacking people: but, God is aware of everything that is going on.  Sometimes I feel these things upon my own body; but, I am made aware that this is not mine.  Awareness comes by the Spirit!  We are stayed!  We seek to understand what is going on, and who these things pertain to.  This is the Help that got you unstuck out of that mud!  You really could not get going this morning!

The Lord orders steps!  There is Power in His ordering of the steps to take.  It is not just something that comes to our remembrance!  But, we are moved by His Orders!  We can have many thoughts that are not orders; and, we do not move: but, when orders come, we move.  Even our mouths open to speak when we are being ordered to speak.  Resisting God is something that was removed from us!  These are evils we were made aware of; and, we did as He had commanded us to do!  We commanded them to depart from us.  We found our joy in doing the Will of God!  Whatever was supplied, that is what we learned to delight in.  The Willingness to do is what gained us Power to be caused to do.

Loosing and Free Flowing is caused by God!  You are loosed; and, you are free!

Power is Everlasting!  Surely, the Help of the Lord is Mighty!  Instructions will always come.  I listen for Words coming from on High!  Steps are being ordered!  Teach me to pray as I ought to pray, O Lord.  I have faith, because I take instructions; and, I do what I am being told to do.  The Lord God opens my lips; and, He speaks to set the captives free!  The Words go forth in Power instantly to loose these bands of wickedness!

You are my Awareness, Heavenly Father!  You Bless my heart with Understanding.  Blessed are the Steps which You send to be taken.

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