Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"

Revelations means to reveal!  "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants things, which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His Angel (Gabriel) unto His servant John (Xmeah), who bare record of the Word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.  Blessed is he that reads, and those who hear the Words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein, because the time is at hand."

"This Is The Record!"

I record what I hear!

"I Felt The Pain!"

O what a God You are!

I felt that which you had; but, it is gone, now!  It passed away; so, what more can I say!  I believe in the Power of God; and, He lays the afflictions of others upon those whom He has given Strength.  More than you are able to bear: but, it was taken!

The Word is sent forth against the darkness, commanding them to keep back their hands!  God has sent this Word forth for you, O Joshua!  He told me to offer up a prayer for you; and, I have done as I was commanded!

O Blessed and Holy are You, O God!  Mighty in Power are You; and, Mighty are You to deliver!  You show the Greatness of Your Power when You cause our praises to come forth.  Amen!

"Work On Your Improvement From This Point Forward!"

    Why do you need to be clean?  First of all, so you can be saved!  After that, so you can help bring others to salvation!  Who shall stand in the place of the Lord?  Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or, who shall stand in His Holy place?  He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.  He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.  Every doctor prepares himself to deal with sicknesses of others.  He is needed where people are sick.  Don't despise your work; and, don't become angry with people because they are bound with evil.  That is the reason you are trying to get clean so you can help others to be delivered.  You cannot be bitter against those whom you are sent to help!  The ones that are going to help people are like doctors who become thoroughly trained to deal with the problems.  The things that I cannot deal with is not the problem of the people: but, it is a problem with me.  I seek to have that weakness in me cleared up so I can deal with those things that I am sent to deal with.  I always see the weakness in myself; and, I don't blame anyone else for me being the way I am.  Without being aware of what is happening; as you are becoming clean, you will start to see more caring about others, because those spirits that causes you not to care are being removed.  We continue to focus on getting the beam out of our own eyes first!  This is an ongoing, never ending process!  Being weak against any attack can never be tolerated!  First of all you must hate how evil is able to manipulate you.  Don't like being a whore for evil spirits!  God gives us a hatred; and, all of that hatred is supposed to be applied to hating the evil!  Let your hatred towards evil spirits become perfect, and then you will start to see that enmity which God set between the Light and the darkness.  The enmity of the evil spirits towards us is already perfect.  I know the evil spirits don't like me, because God uses me to expose their tactics!

    There will always be people whom the evil spirits can use to try to provoke us!  But, the key is to get what you need in you whereby you cannot be provoked to commit a sin.  God will give you power against these things.  Your focus shall be on remaining in the ways in which you have heard God say He wants you to be in.  Remember Jesus!  Those things that we are facing are the same things He faced: but, He did not allow those things to change Him from being in the Ways that God approved of.  Know the Ways in which God wants you to be; and, desire to be in those ways, and nothing should be able to make you to turn from those ways.  A clean person will always protect his power to pray!  A clean person is always concerned about not being made weak, whereby he has no more power to pray.  He knows that his power to pray is what will help others to overcome.  God is the Spirit; and, He will do the work on the people.  Understand who will make the changes!  The words of a righteous man will cause Power to come from on High to clear the paths of people.  A righteous man hates evil; and  he does not want to see the evil controlling anyone.  Of course, everyone is not going to be delivered, but your love and caring for them will not cease.  You cannot always talk with a person: but, you can be sure you can always talk with God; and, He can do something about those things that you are concerned about.  Consider how Elijah was so concerned about the way in which the people were going that he called upon the Lord to stop the rain for three and a half years.  He understood that if God would take away their comforts, that would make them to have to stop and reconsider what they were doing.  This was not done for meanness; but, because he cared about where the people would end up if they continued to go in the way they were going.  And, notice how Elijah called for the destruction of those powers that were influencing the people to go in the direction that they were going.  He knew he was not fighting against flesh and blood; but, against spiritual wickedness ruling in high places.  If you think someone is going in the wrong direction, and you cannot talk with that person; make sure you can call upon the Lord concerning that person.  That is why you have to get all of the bitterness out of yourself, because you cannot pray to God for someone whom you have bitterness against.  God must see your concern about that person!  Now, know what it takes for you to have power to pray!  Be concerned about your own caring.  Hope for the prosperity of others.  Your words are not always what is needed to help people: but, your words to God could be what is needed!  But, can you get any words through to God?  That is the reason you need to be more concerned about your own cleanliness!  Does God see your concern about your own cleanliness?  Ask Him to give you that concern in your own heart, because you know you need the power to pray!

    When God has told you through the mouth of one of His ordained and anointed preachers that you have bitterness against someone, just believe it!  And, consider how you don't like hearing about evils about yourself!  God did not say that you could see it for yourself.  That bitterness that is in you is what is keeping you from seeing yourself for what you truly are.  Acknowledge what the Lord tells you as being true!  Don't call God a lie!  There is no evil that we can see about ourselves without God revealing it.  The evil is greater and more powerful than we are!  But, when we believe what God tells us, that is what has given us power over the evil.  You are hating people, and don't even know it, because you believe you have caring about people.  The darkness in you are liars; and, you are caused to believe lies about yourself.  You are caused to see yourself in ways in which you are not; and, to think upon yourself as being something that you are not.  How is it that you are seeing others so clearly, and you cannot see yourself clearly?  The preacher always has to be used to point out your evils; but, you have seen many evils about others!  Why is that so?  Before you can think about helping others, be sure you are focusing on your own cleaning!  Know that you need to be clean!  Concern yourself with being washed!  Without being washed, you are not truly seeing what is wrong with someone else.  You are seeing the person, and not the evil that is affecting the person.  You always speak that person's name; and, you never speak about the evil spirits!

What my eyes see: but, what does my mind know?

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I see the cloud covering coming in: but, that is not how I will determine what I will do.  Who is available?

My hair is turning silver and white: but, there is still some black in it.

Who is on the side of the Lord?  Who has favor from God stored up?

Who is available?  Do you wish someone else was there when something happened?  What about Isaiah?  He said, "Here I am Lord!  Send me!"  That is the same as saying, "I am available; use me!"  Who is available for the Lord to use to take care of the problem?  Amen!

Mary and Martha both said, "Lord, if you had been here, our brother would not have died!"  Do you have to be present to get something done?  Power is in all of the world!  One God!  If you only believed, you would see Heaven opened to you!  Things are going to happen, ready or not!  Playing around won't allow you to be ready for what will take place.  Go ahead; have fun!  Act strong with one another: but, you will be looking for someone to help you when troubles suddenly rise up against you.  But, there will be no one to help you; and, God surely will not feel sorry for you, and send you help.  That is His time of laughing at you just like He said He would.  You think God is going to feel sorry for you because you see yourself as being special in the Eyes of God: but, those eyes are your own thoughts about yourself as you appear to yourself as if that is the way you are appearing to God.  Is doing what God has been telling you to do ever become important to you?

To You, O God, be Glory forever and ever!

He that reads, let him also understand!


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