Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"

"I Tried To Get Them To Move: But, They Were Stiff!"

Then I took a whiff, and the stink was bad just like the dog I had,

who had gone stone mad!

Now, that was bad!  But, I blew my nose, so I was glad about not what I had;

but, what I have!  It is clean!

You are not the horseman; you are the horse!  The spirit is the horseman!

What did the evil spirits cause someone to put in the food you just take and gobble down, like candy bars you purchase in a store?  This was being done by an employee of the company!  Remember in that movie "The Help" how that woman put some shit in that pie she gave to that woman?  What are these unhappy people doing?  You know how employers piss off employees!  You know how people are revengeful!  I don't take what I was caused to think upon lightly!  We are to become more and more stronger in watching, and being made aware by what the Spirit knows.  We are depending on God for what He knows about everything; and, not just take things because it is approved for sale.  Evil has caused many things to be approved for distribution to the public that has caused harm to people.  Who or what kind of spirit is covering the heads of those who are in charge of approving what is released to the public?  FDA is made up with people: but, spirits control people, and no one, because of his position in the world, has power over any spirit.

Don't try to sneak something in on a Righteous person, because the Lord God will turn it back upon the heads of those who are allowing themselves to be used by evils to do evil to a Righteous person.

Are you looking for someone who looks good; or, someone who is good?

Did anyone consider who sent that song to them?  People say, "I can't dance!"  Does God command a dance, and not give you the ability to dance?

"Digest This Food; And, Purge Me, O God!"

I speak about both: Spiritually and physically!

I will not be afraid of dying!  I said I will not!  I did not say I am not!  As I saw with Jesus; so, shall we become!  This was seen even with the Apostles!  We are made to be what we become; and, no one can make himself to be anything, because Only God is the Maker!  I cannot be unafraid until God has made me to be unafraid!

By no means was I without sin in the 1st month of 1976 when I was contacted by the Spirit of the Lord!  I was caused to be alone at that time!  My heart was full of iniquity.  I remember Moses when he was thrust out of Egypt!  He was caused to be alone so God could speak with him, and set him on the course that was ordained for him.  The reason for my being alone is clear to me!  This is what had to be!  I don't think about that time with bitterness like I used to, because I saw this as God's Doing; and, for His Purpose!  A man of God is in sin when his time to step forth has come.  We are all as being called out of Egypt where we had spent our entire life up to that point.  Everything that is to be Light had to first come out of darkness; and, that darkness was full in our hearts.  Whosoever won't see this, is denying the Truth, and is still in darkness!  We were all the same, because all of us came out of the same condition.  As Moses was the first to come out; and, by Moses God brought the rest of those who were called Israel out of Egypt; so, are the preachers the first to come out; and, by the preachers, God calls the others out.'s-In-Your-Food.mp3

"Unto Them, Which Are In Darkness, Show Yourselves!"

I say those words as often as the Spirit gives me to say them!  I don't become weary in doing what the Spirit is commanding me to do!  God said a thing was placed in your house that the evil divines off of!  Did you believe Him?  There are physical bugs, and there are spiritual bugs!  If there are physical devices that can do this if placed in your house; there was first the spiritual ability to do this.  Therefore, command their blinding and their deafening!  I have done as you commanded me to do, my Lord!  Now, they will grope in darkness!  They shall not find their way!  Don't get bitter; just do what God told you to do!  Rejoice in being made aware!  I am pleased to be informed!

People love that witchcraft shit!  But, you can get Greater Power from God without the cost of your soul!  Your soul is your Life; and, you sell your Life to the darkness!  You no longer have Life that belongs to you!  It belongs to who you sold it to.!.mp3

How many accidents did Jesus have?  None!  So, accidents are eliminated!  Teach me Your Way, O Lord!  Take nothing lightly!  It is about something!  These things did not just happen!  Things are going unnoticed that need to be addressed, now, because they are accumulating!  This passed; and, that passed: but, they are gathering forces in another place where they were allowed to pass on to, because each one was considered as "That Ain't About Nothing!"  But, when they become a multitude; they are about something!

My speech is by the Power of the Living God!  And, what I say, comes to pass!  Power!  That is the Way that it is!  Mighty are the Words of my mouths!  I Bless my mouth; and, I Bless the Words of my mouth!  I Bless my body; and, I Bless the Spirit of my body!  The Lord dwells in this Holy Temple!  He has called where He dwells a Holy Temple!

"Draw Near! (Draw Nigh!)"

Being caused to come near to something to be caused to hear, and to understand!  Being drawn by the Spirit without you being aware you are being drawn!  It is also being caused to be curious!  I was caused to be drawn in 1976.  During the night I was caused to rise up twice because of things I heard.  The man next door was talking as if to be talking with someone.  I got up to see if he was alright!  Then, later I heard a noise as if in the house!  I rose up to go see what that was.  I found that the water line had broken on the hot water heater, which is electric.  "Electricity and Water!"  Water was all over the floor in the utility room; and, water is a conductor of electricity (electricity can travel through water).  Fear also clouds the mind; and incorrect judgments are also made because of fear in the mind.  Being guided by the Spirit as to what to do, I shut off the intake side of the water heater.  But, water had been squirting on the shutoff breaker.  I was aware!  This was taking place between 4 and 5 AM.  I don't know what time it was the first time I had to get up.  But, I am here listening to what the Spirit of the Lord has to tell me.  I saw being awakened out of my sleep with clarity each time: but, not just jumping up; but, waiting to hear!  I also look for understanding, my Lord, as to what all of this is about.  We will have to leave suddenly; and, we will need our awareness about us.  I don't seek glory for myself; and, I do not write this to glorify myself.  But, I am still listening for what all of this means.  I know bitterness removes ability to pray: so, I was also watchful for attempts to cause to become bitter.  I heard to protect my prayer!  I was very aware that water and electricity do not mix.  I was also given to rebuke Death!  We all need to be aware of dangers!  So, I pray for the increase of awareness!  Bitterness in your mind also stops you from hearing as you ought to hear.  What is going on, in and around the house.  One thing was outside; and, the other thing was inside.  But, in and around me is what I am looking for.  All that pertains to "house" is my concern!  My body is one house!  There is this house at 1912 Hazel where we abide.  Marriage is a house.  And, there is the House of God, which are the people in all of the world.  I am being led to what the Lord wants me to know!  It is "Come; and, See!"

Yes or No!  Make wise decisions without being bitter!  Yes or No!  Accept other people's decisions without being bitter!  People do or don't do!  People care or don't care!  What is it to you?  Keep bitterness out of your heart!  What are people's thoughts?  They are theirs!  Every person is responsible for his own thoughts, whether they are right or wrong!

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