Carrium means "Message From God!"

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"These Are The Words of Truth!"

How did Xmeah die?  Has he become dead to you while he still lives?  That which has become dead to you has no more influence with you!  It is dead to you when it is of no use to you anymore!  How has Jesus become to you?  Does the Spirit of the Lord have any influence on you?  If not; Jesus has become as dead to you!  What are your desires for?  You become as your desires!  Desires toward the flesh is your corruption: but, desires toward the Spirit is your Life!

"People Cannot Pray Because They Are Not In Agreement!"

Many churches are in the area: but, they are divided by denominations!  They don't agree as touching things!  Therefore, the predators multiply in power!

The lust, which wars in your members, is what causes the wars and fightings among you!  Lust is the reason for all of this fighting that is going on!  Amen!

“Binding Up The Strong Man First!”

Then, the house is spoiled!

    It is written in Revelation 18, saying, “And after these things I saw another Angel come down from Heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with His glory.  And, He cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”  I remembered a dream, which the Lord had given me some years ago, whereby it showed that there were chickens locked up in a small cage with a ferret!  The ferret knew that the chickens could not escape!  He sought to kill the rooster first, because the rooster has the spurs!  There was a reporter outside of the cage reporting to the people what was going on within the cage.  America has been described as a cage for every kind of foul and hateful spirit!  These are the evil spirits that are in the people!  It is not an enemy from the outside that makes Americans afraid: but, it is those of their own land that they fear the most!  Who will be honest, and acknowledge this truth?  Daily, who are you afraid of attacking you?  Whom do you set your defenses to protect yourselves from?  Is it for someone outside of the United States; or, is it for someone within these borders?  You purchased your gun as a protection from whom; a foreign power, or from other Americans?  The people and the killers are locked up together within the same borders!  Your actions are saying what you know to be true: but, your mouth won’t confess it!  Americans are living in constant fear of one another, even as those chickens were in constant fear of the ferret.  A cage keeps whatsoever is inside from getting out; and, everything that is outside from getting in.  Do you pay to get into the arena to see the fight?  The army is on the outside keeping people out, to keep them from disturbing the fight, which is going on inside!  The world watches the destruction that is taking place within the borders of America!  Americans are inflicting death and destruction upon one another more than those of any outside nation!  Amen!

Turning your ears away from the preacher's mouth is like a goldfish in a fish bowl that has its tail bitten off!  The predator fish know the goldfish cannot move, and he can come at anytime to nibble away at it bit by bit!  How does this pertain to your ability to escape?

"What of the Night, O Watchman?"

"With Nowhere To Run To; And, Nowhere To Hide!"

   I had seen in a dream that a news reporter was reporting on the viciousness of a ferret.  But, this ferret is not like any ferret that is known.  I could hear the ferret speaking with the rooster and the two hens, which were locked in a small cage with him.  The ferret seemed unconcerned about the chickens running around inside the cage, because he knew he could catch them at anytime.  The reporter was kneeling outside of the cage, speaking into his microphone as he looked back into the camera to tell the people what was going on.  The people could see what was going on inside the cage as the man was speaking.  He focused his reporting towards the children.

    What is the point?  The predator is given his prey in a small confined area; and, the prey does not have any space to run.  People are confined to areas; and, they cannot escape the predators in those areas!  (The Power leaves the area!)  I was watching all of this in the Spirit!  This is the way I am given to observe things: and, the Report from the Spirit is true.  I observe what people are doing.  I saw how the ferret attacked the rooster, first, even as I knew he would.  The rooster had the spurs to fight with; and, he would eliminate him first.  What are you depending on?  Isaiah 31:3:  "Now, the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and not Spirit. When the LORD shall stretch out His hand; both, he that helps shall fall, and he that is helped shall fall down: and, they all shall fail together."

    I heard the ferret saying to the rooster after he had caught him, "I am not going to lead you into believing that I am not going to kill you!"  He was a strange looking creature!  His body was long and skinny with long skinny legs.  Who could imagine that such a strange looking creature could be so vicious?  I saw how he was about to bite into the rooster's neck.  He made a slow deliberate motion towards the neck of the rooster.  This causes wondering in the mind!  When will it actually happen?  What is it like, knowing you are going to die; and, you are helpless against your predator?  This beast is going to end your life.  And, those who watch are being entertained.  What kind of movies do you like to watch?  The people of this land love to watch violent movies!  They love violence!  They love the violent video games!  They love to see fighting!  Revelation 18:21:  "And a mighty Angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all."

    When people went to the movies, they always saw the Americans prevailing; and, attacks against America being prevented!  And now, there are terrorists in the midst of the people in America!  And, no one knows who they are!  The people are more suspicious than ever.  But, hear what the Lord said!  Matthew 10:36:  "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household (those of your own kind)."   The way of the evil is to cause you to focus on his right hand, while he prepares to slap you with his left hand.  He causes your focus to be turned away from those whom he is really using.  They are doing things in a slow and deliberate way.  Now, has fear come upon the people.  The children are afraid; and, they don't feel safe!  Remember the violence that you loved?  Spiritual Laws can no longer be ignored!  What you desire is what you get.  That which the people depended on, has failed to protect them.  They are waiting for that attack to come.

    When the ferret opened his mouth, I saw that the inside of his mouth was in appearance like that of an eagle; but, the beak was razor sharp!  I did not see any teeth.  Then, it was as looking at an x-ray of the rooster's head as the razor sharp beak cut into the neck.  I could see only the skeletal parts of the head.  What I saw was as if to be the jugular vein, which would come down the side of a man's neck!  The ferret's sharp beak cut through it.  The rooster made a sound; and, the ferret released him as the rooster flopped around the cage as he was dying.

The evil will fill your heads with many desires, and bright ideas: but, they will never lead you in the way to make it to succeed.  But, God will perfect you, when you learn how to follow Him; and, He will lead you in the paths that will cause that Gift to prosper.  You have to be patient as He is preparing you to make this Gift to work in the right way.  Remember also, that evil spirit that tried to make you to rush to bring something to pass!  This hurrying will cause what you are doing to be messed up, and God will not allow it to come forth.  The evil makes you to add something that should not have been added; or, will cause you to leave out something that should not have been left out.  The Lord said He would teach you and instruct you in the way in which you shall go; and, that He would guide you by His Eye!  “Come!  Follow Me,” saith the Lord!

        Do you have a joyful life?

"Being Deceived By Joyfulness!"

People sleep happily!  Work is being done that appears as being the work of God: but, who paid attention to Righteousness being taken away?  Have you come to agreeing with one another about this?  Are you seeing eye to eye with one another based on these things that are reported to you?  Is your believing the same?  Those who are walking according to the things that are being reported in these Reports are walking one with the other!  Your walk is showing your belief!

Something happened to something that is common to two!  One is crying, and one is mad!  Something is taken that should not have been taken!  Who is paying attention to being in agreement with what God is sending forth to agree as touching?  Who is working with the same things, and with the same beliefs!  Shall the evil come, and find you divided, and will take away something that is precious?  The thing is common to two: so, both have to be in agreement with what God said about that which is common to both.  Is not a child common to both the father and the mother?  Is the father and the mother in agreement with how to deal with the problem concerning what happens to the child?  Desires of the heart are seen by God; and, so is what is believed in.  You are seeing things that cause division and strife already, and where there is no agreement between the two.  There are things that will take two being in agreement to defeat; or, what is common to both will be lost, because a greater power will come up against them!

God was pointing out also what was happening because of disagreements in running the business!  Dividing forces came in: but, these came seeking sympathy, and not in a violet and forceful way.  Instructions were altered; and, no one thought anything was wrong with that.  How does the evil come in?  God spoke constantly about the subtle ways of the darkness in these days!  But, who said, "Lord, I have sinned!"  Ways are given for people to remain in: but, who will remain in those ways?  Who was it that kept changing things?

"The Promise Land Is Your Own Mind!"

Learn with patience!  Get it clean!  Clean the evils out of your own mind as God leads you to the destroying of the evils out of your own mind!  Make it clean; and, establish Righteousness in all parts of your mind!

Transformation is taking place with Felicia's vehicle.  It came as solid darkness: but, it is being transferred into Light even as she is being transferred!  When the Glory of the Lord starts to rise in us, we use all that we have to Glorify the Lord!  We let our Joy be known!  "A Fire Starts To Burn!"

Heavenly Father, You require us to Glorify You!  Therefore, You will not deny us what we need to do this.  It is Your Good Pleasure to give us what we need to do what is required of us!

I do enjoy listening, and doing what I am commanded to do.  I write with great joy!  I have excitement!  You have given it to me.  I delight in people being helped!  This is the Help You have given me to Help them with.  This is the Greatest Help!  This is saving lives without killing others!  This is making former enemies to be friends!  This is the forming of "The True Family!"

"The True Power To Bless!"

Give me the Words and Spirit of Blessing the Lord, Heavenly Father!  Let Power of Blessing be in me, and with me at all times!  Let it be protected so I will never lose this Power!  You teach us to pray as we ought to pray; and, You cause our Words to be acceptable to You!  Make it so, O Heavenly Father, with me.  Let True Blessings come forth out of my mouth as I am given to speak!  I have prayed as I have been Authorized!  You will not refuse what You send to me to ask of You!  Amen!

Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!  When He comes, He enters into my heart, and causes me to receive what the Lord God has sent!  This is the Temple of the Lord!  Give me the skills; and, cause me to understand as Authorized by the Lord our God!  Blessed are You, O Heavenly Father, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Amen!

What is your faith all about?  When the Lord spoke in Hebrews 11, He spoke about the faith of the individuals!  This is your faith by which you do the things you are doing!  It is the faith that all of God's children will have.  We shall do exploits!  Healing of your own children shall be by your own faith.  Protecting of your children shall be by your own faith.  Removing evils from yourselves shall be by your own faith!  You are to learn!  You have plenty of opportunities to practice using your faith!  It is the Power of the Spirit that is within you that you have given permission to work as He will within you.  Your Meekness is displayed.  You have heard from the preacher; and, you have believed all that you have heard coming forth out of his mouth as being that which the Most Holy God is speaking to you through his mouth.  You have not doubted; and, you know that God knows you do not doubt.  That has established you!  You have listened to the Words coming from the mouth of the preacher as if an Angel of the Lord is speaking directly to you.  You have seen this about yourself; and, you have taken care of those things where you have heard you are lacking.  You have understood that without faith you are not pleasing to God!  You have believed God!  Now, rise up and walk!

God said, "Your Light has come!"  I am that Light that the Lord God sent.  I am your Light!  No matter what people say, I understand it.  I am that Light that is sent by God!  I am Light that was formed, and sent!  I am on display before the people.  I don't deny who I am, and what I am!  What are you?

if-jesus-were-in-america-today"Hard Copies!"

Before Internet and web sites; there was the artwork and the writings!  Some of these things of old are still popping up here and there!  "Babylon 7" was found by Riech Cruz.  That came forth 15 years after my baptism from a house that is no longer there.

"Do You Have Any Idea As To Who These Men Are?"



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