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"Beginning of Creations by Felicia


"These Are The Words of Truth!"

"What Is The Meaning of This Dream, My Lord?"


(Let The House of The Lord Be Purged!)

  Purge me, O God, according to Your Word to thoroughly purge the preachers, first! Amen!


I did dream that I was somewhere that seemed like it was by the ocean! Whether this is physical, or Spiritual, I do not know: but, the Lord shall make all things clear to me. I was excited about the view of the water; and, the sounding of the waves against the rocks was inspiring: and, I walked with peace: but, I did not have anyone to share my joy with, because others were involved in something else! I was shown as having a concern about a house to dwell in. I saw the vision of a black woman, saying that she had a two bedroom house which we could have. What does this mean, my Lord? Amen!

  Then, I saw a preacher sitting as if to be sitting at a desk in a position as if to be writing something with a typewriter; but, I know that he does not have the writing skills, nor the ability which I have been given! But, I see him trying to do things which those who have been given ability to do, will not do. Shall he not rise up in judgment against those who have the ability, but will not do it? But, I am also given to do this work without a certain dwelling place! So, if I am given ability to do my work, without having a certain dwelling place, what excuse do those have that have places of their own, but will not do the work? I saw my wife in the room, also! But, neither did she show any concern about that which I was concerned about. I have an elevated concern, that causes me to focus on the deliverance of the people: therefore, I am always concerned about getting these Reports, and getting them out to the people! My mind must always be at peace, so I can hear what the Lord is speaking! I must be able to write down precisely all things that the Lord sends forth. Amen!

  I had seen the view of the ocean; and, I saw the water splashing against the rocks. I went alone into another room through a door that led from the room where the preacher was sitting. My Lord, what is this room that I must enter into? Amen!

  This is for my privacy! I ask that You would bring me on into that room, I pray Thee! Amen!

  Who is able to occupy the room that I am given to operate in? Whom has the Lord groomed to do the job of that room, so I can go on into the room that I am supposed to be in? Amen!

  There were lights on in the room that I came out of; and, the room that I entered into had lights on, also. This was all in the same house. But, there were two huge fat rats in the room. It appeared as if they had been eating a lot, and just getting fat. My Lord, what do these things mean? Amen!

  What are we concerned about in truth? Do you feed others while you are eating? O you preachers, consider Ezekiel 34. Amen!

  The room also appeared to be very junky as if no one had occupied that room for a long time. The rats were afraid of me; and, they ran frantically around the room trying to avoid me! They began to run around the room: but, they would not go out of the door, because someone was in the other room. Where could they go? These things cannot be allowed to remain in the room. And, the room cannot be allowed to remain in that condition. My peace and comfort is of the utmost importance, because of the nature of my work. I kept kicking at the rats as they ran around the room, to try to get them to run out of the room! I noticed that I was afraid of them, also! They were huge! In my attempt to kick them, I accidentally kicked over a pot of piss; and, the stink filled the room! I know fear can cause us not to pay attention to what we are doing! Let this not be found with me, my Lord, I pray Thee! Amen!

  I remembered how vivid the smell was, even though this was in a dream! In the dream, I sensed fear as if in every day life; and, the sense of smell was as if to smell in every day life! This is a room where the piss pot was kept; and, those who had lived in the house, used this pot! I witnessed fear of the rats even though I was trying to run them out of the room; and, I did witness the strong smell of the piss! Can a thing which we are afraid of, be made to obey us? Let this fear be removed; and, cause me to know that I am greater than these things, I pray Thee! These are physical things! How are we going to make something obey us that we are afraid of? The rats were afraid of me; and, that is right for them to be afraid of me! But, I should not have been afraid of them! We have confidence in rebuking those things that cannot be seen: but, how do our senses affect us? Amen!

  The piss pot was something that was left over by those who had occupied the house before I came. My Lord, what is the meaning of this? I have heard of the nature of those evils still remaining in us, even after they were cast out! Now, I ask that the nature of these fearful spirits would be removed, and utterly destroyed, also, I pray Thee! Thank You for revealing this to me! And, I thank You for removing them, and destroying them, because I asked You to do so. Amen!

  Who are these fat rats? What will rats do in a house? What will they do to the food which the people are supposed to eat? Amen!

  My prayers are against those who will destroy the food, O Lord! And, I thank You for showing me that which remains in me! Let those rat natures be removed, and utterly destroyed, O Lord, I pray Thee! My call is unto You concerning the filthiness of the house of God, whom I am! Let the filthiness be removed; and, show me how to do that which I am given to do. Teach me; and, instruct me in the way in which You would have me to do it. Let the Authority of this office be magnified, I pray Thee! I will not walk in any timid way, when You will have destroyed all of this from me! You have said to take the Authority over the flock of God! Cause this to be so, I pray Thee! Amen!

  The Word said to ask for what you need!

My Lord, I really do need more financial help! I ask in prayer, asking that this help be given quickly! Increase us in faith; and, increase Your faith in us, I pray Thee! My Lord, what is hindering? I must address every issue concerning myself: for there is nothing that is hidden from You! And, You do expose all of our weaknesses, so that we may be Strengthened! I know finances is a problem with many preachers; and, they don't know what they will do if the flock shall walk out on them, when they start to set things in order! But, let them not be afraid, O Lord: and, I pray that You will cause them to know that You are their help in all righteousness! Amen!

  Many of us shall be left alone because we will set things in order! Many of the people love the foolishness that be going on; and, they are not so zealous for the Truth. Let peace come between the preachers and their wives; and, let the wives learn how to respect their husbands! Many wives are not tuned in to the work of their husbands; and, many have not submitted themselves unto their husbands; but, go about trying to influence the men of God! Let the wives become clean, also: and, let them put away the filthiness of their hearts! The Lord God has promised by Malachi to thoroughly purge His Temple! The Lord Jesus also spoke in John 15 about God purging out those who will not bear fruit! Consider yourselves, quickly, before the Lord starts to remove those who are not profitable! He is not slack in His Promise to thoroughly purge out those who will not bear righteous fruit! Amen!

  My Lord, I ask that You would destroy every rat that goes about to destroy the food that is intended for the children; and, let none of the food be destroyed by any means, I pray Thee! Amen!

  Now, must the House of God be cleansed; and, the fat rats must be cast out! Let there not be any fear of these fat rats, O Lord: but, empower me with the Power of this office, I pray Thee! Now, I ask of You, what does this mean, my Lord? Amen!

  Arise, O Lord, I pray Thee: and, turn the attention of the people back unto You! Send forth deliverance; and, remove the influence of the darkness! Let Death and Hell be bound for a season! But, cause a fire to be put under Your preachers; and, give them to seek Your Wisdom, and Your Knowledge, I pray Thee! Let their voices be heard; and, cause to people to be still, and listen attentively to every Word that comes forth from those who are Your Mouths! But, let them not listen to any of the false prophets! Let the Angels of the Lord, Whom You have sent to help us, help us: and, let us be able to accept the help freely! Purge us, O God: and, deliver us from all our fears! I pray not only for myself; but, for all of Your ministers! Let them be set free to go about to seek the lost sheep! Turn our hearts, O Lord; and, they shall be turned! Amen!

  O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Give us skills to communicate the understanding to others, also! Amen!

  O Lord God of my Peace, be still; and, be You exalted in our hearts, and in our midst, I pray Thee! Amen!

"What Are You Looking For In A House?"

  I remember how the Apostle Paul was given to rent a house, whereby the people could come unto him to hear the Word of the Lord! (Acts 28:30-31) There were many synagogues set up in those days: but, Paul did not go into them, because those places were set in their ways! The preacher is established by God, first, in his own place! He is established as the Shepherd! The Apostle Paul did not hide himself from the people; and, his constant concern was about delivering the Word of God. In your search for a house, is this your concern? Amen!

  I want to see how You do it, O Lord! Amen!

  I remember rats in a house that we had moved into in Corrigan, Texas, some years ago. The rats ate apart one of the spark plug wires in our car. I remember how I thought about people not having a place to use the rest room, because we did not have a toilet! I also remember how noisy it was, because of the highway traffic! I considered the recording of the tapes (That is what we were doing at that time)! Electricity is one of the things that we must have, because of the nature of my work. In the house, which the Lord shall give, His Laws shall be established; and, everyone that comes must honor the Laws of God! The house shall be a working house; and, the house shall not be idle. These are the things which I consider when I consider a place. Will the people be comfortable; and, can they come and go freely? Is there enough space to receive the people? I don't want restrictions coming from the owner, because of the nature of the work. Is the house big enough to accommodate the people who will come?  Amen!

There was water in the ocean; and, this could be used for baptisms; but I do need drinking water, also. The house in Corrigan did not have this! And, neither did the house have an inside toilet! What are the thoughts supposed to be for the preachers when they are seeking a place? You establish my thoughts; and, let Cherry have consideration of these things, also. The wife is supposed to be focused on the work of her husband; and, when she is desiring a place to dwell, let her consider her thoughts. What is the focus of both? What kind of work do they do? Let us see how we are thinking; and, establish Thou our thoughts, O Lord! Amen!

  The house which we lived in, in Beaumont, had a large front room which was used for the gathering of the people; but, we did not have space for people to park their vehicles! We had two rest rooms, also! My Lord, let the positive things remain; but, supply us with a place with those other things that we need to accommodate the people. We did the baptisms down at the river! My Lord, Your Eyes do behold the place; and, I ask that You would lead us to the place which You have chosen! Amen!

"Where are you going?"

Wherever the Spirit leads me!

I had to reset my wordpress site from to!  I started this site all over again as I was instructed!  So, you might have to adjust your links on your pages!  And, some of you need to update your table of links to other sites!

People say they are happy; but, they cannot display it!  People say they are sporting; but, the spirit of their voice comes out as cutting!  What is the spirit of your voice!  There are people who try to make things sound nice: but, they have evil intents in what they say.  And, there are those people who have not yet understood God's Purpose for speaking with them!  There are people who are still taking what God is saying to them as condemning them!  I respond by saying, "If God was speaking condemnation upon you; you would know it by what would happen to you!  You would not be around!  But, no; God's purpose for speaking with us is always the same!  He is attempting to always deliver us; and, what He speaks to us is for our good!"

Are you being counted as one who is beating up Jesus Christ, and robbing Him?  How does a man rob God?  How does a man beat up Jesus?  Consider the ways God said these things are being done in these days!  And, you don't have to be physically present with someone before you can help him.  Will the Angels respond to the words of your mouth?  Can you say, "Send Help, my Lord!"  Who was given to see what; and, who was being made aware of what is going on?  What have you been given to see; and, what did you hear to do about it?  There is a need to stand forth, and not look for someone else.  Who is on the job; and, who is on call at the time!  "Lord, here I am!  Use me!"  Did you have to get physically involved in what you saw; or, could you speak to the Ever-Present Power?"  There is vanity among the people!  They believe they have to physically go some place before they can help someone.  You don't believe in the Power of God, nor the Power of the Spirit!  You have gone to assist someone: but, you became afraid of what they were encountering!  So, what help were you?  Did you think a bluff would stop what they were dealing with.  Your bluff got your ass kicked, also!  I have heard of parents running to help their children, and in the process got killed.  How much help are you to those children of yours that remains?  You are dead!

People are living their lives the way they want to live them!  But, the way they want to live is not going to make me sorrowful, because I want to live a joyful life.  Let every man live his life the way he wants to live it, because it is his to do with whatsoever he  wants to do with it.  That is the Right that God gave to everyone!  If he chooses to throw it away; what is that to me? Is not his life his own to do with as he pleases?  But, what are you doing with yours?  And, I don't feel bad because my children don't desire to visit me!  No one is obligated to visit me because of blood relationships.  I am still happy, and at peace!  I don't mourn for those who do not desire Righteousness, like King David did for his son Absalom, who was a wicked child.  I cannot stand the sounding of their pretending voices as if they cared about me.  It is so irritating!  Man, that sucks!  You really do need to know what Love is!

I had to teach my young granddaughter how to sit, since no one else would!  So, I will teach you modesty so you will not be like those who show no morals!

To whom have I become dead to?  And, these are the ones whom the Lord Jesus has become dead to; and, they are the dead!  I rejoice in Life; and, Jesus is Life!  Come to me for the improvement of your life, and not just to see me because you are afraid I will die soon.  I am not here for people just to look at.  I am given to make the quality of your life better if you will allow it.  I don't seek for people just to visit me!  But, seek me for the purpose for which God placed me here!  That is my only purpose!  I don't just need visitations!  What is your purpose for coming?  Is it so you can be improved.  My time is valuable!  Just receiving visits is an attempt to waste my time; and, I will not allow that!

"I Will Be Known As A Christian Above All Things!"

All that I am given to do is joy to me; and, there is nothing grievous about anything that I do!  Because my joy stays High; people are not falling as low as they would if my Joy was low!  "But, The Spirit Is Mighty!"  Amen!

And, I want you to know the Lord!  I display reminders, even on my vehicle, that the Lord is the Most Important to everyone's life!  I Glorify my Joy!  I show you what my Joy is!  What will I use to display the Truth?  I love painting; and, I once joked with a person, saying, "If you stay still long enough, I will paint on you!"  Painting is like creating!  But, I know people do have to "Be Still" and allow the Lord to fix them whereby they will be showing the Glory of the Lord upon them.  We become the vehicles that displays Him to the world.  I have seen great joy coming from people because of the van that displays the "Joy of The Word of God!"  There is always somebody's day being made!  I don't concern myself with those who are bitter against the Truth!  I rejoice with those who rejoice!  We are creating joy together!

Appreciate the labor that God has given you; or, why should you labor in the house of another to make him rich?  You use your talent to make another wealthy, and he feeds you a small portion of that which you have earned for him!  That is vexation of spirit!

Whatever comes to hurt us; turn it back upon them, my Lord!  You give us to be immune!

"How Do You Want To Spend Your Time?"

Being productive!  Feeding Your sheep, O Lord!  Creating joy; and, lifting the heavy hearts!

"A Gift Is Something That Is Given!"

There are Gifts that the Spirit gives!

One of these Gifts is to be able to speak in various languages without anyone having to teach you!  The Apostle Paul said, "I would that you all spoke with tongues; but, rather that you prophesied, because greater is he that prophesies than he that speaks with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying.

For this reason, let him that speaks in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret."  Amen!

I ask of You, O Heavenly Father, for the Gift of tongues (speaking of various languages) whereby I will speak the earthly languages; and, also the Gift of interpretations of tongues (understanding various languages).  Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord!  Amen!

To speak in other languages frees you from having to depend on someone to translate for you!


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