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Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"


"Deliver My Darling From The Hands of The Wicked!"

Psalm 22:20 "Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog."
Psalm 35:17 "Lord, how long will You look on? Rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions."

I speak about my own body!

"Setting The Heart Right!"

There are a bunch of MP3 Reports that have been recorded!  WOW!  People who have a problem reading, don't have a problem with being able to hear the Reports, because They are recorded.  Don't pay attention to the sound of the voice: but, give ear to listening to the Words.  Pretty sounds won't help you: but, spoken Truth will.  Let the Truth enter into you!

“The Bible Is Written; But, I Write The Understanding!”

This is what the Lord God Almighty said by Jeremiah, the prophet, saying, “I will give you Pastors after My Own Heart, who shall feed you with Knowledge, and with Understanding!”

“The Messenger Angel Is Sent To The Preachers!”

Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, sent from the Lord with the Reports!  Give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

O you Preachers, honor the Angel of the Lord, or else you will become dumb! Do not speak against the Word of the Lord! Be still; and, keep silence, O you bull-headed ones; and, let not your tongues cause you to be struck down by the Lord of hosts!

O Lord God of my Peace, cause us to be still; and, be You multiplied unto all of the kingdom of God! Even abide upon those who have not made their choice, yet! And, cause the children to sit still: for You are the Power of the Living God!

    O Lord, whatsoever You want me to do: You are the Power above all powers! I will be caused to do it, because it is my desire to do Your Will! Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven!

“Stop Looking At Yourself As Being An Impossible Task For God!”

You have not gone beyond being helped! That's a lie the evil is causing you to believe! No matter how many mistakes you have made; the Lord is still able to help you, if you desire to be helped! No matter what manner of sin you are caught up in, the Lord will deliver you from it: and, will give you a fresh start! I don't care about how many children you have had out of wedlock: that is not a problem for the Lord!  He counts all sins of the past as being nothing after you have been baptized for the remission of those sins!  He is still able to save you; and, give you a husband that will love you and those children, if the fathers don't want them! But, you must release all ties with the past!  Amen!

“Canceling Out The Nature of A Spirit!”

“A Dream!”

    I saw a man that had a drinking problem; and, I gave him my drink: but, it was a non-alcoholic drink. This man is called a drunkard, or an alcoholic in these days. A man that has a drinking problem cannot make wise decisions! This man was given a special drink that would cancel out the effects of the alcohol in his system! The alcohol symbolizes the evil spirit that ruled in the man. But, alcohol, even after it is gone, will leave its effects in the body! When a man is possessed by evil spirits, he cannot make wise decisions, because there is no wisdom of good in the darkness! This is a man from my past, from more than 20 years ago! Look at how long these evil effects have been there; and, they do still influence in some ways. I did ask the Lord to examine me; and, to show me if there were any evil effects remaining in me.

    “Who can understand his errors? Cleanse Thou me from secret faults!” (Psalm 19:12) Notice how it is said that these are secret faults! These are things which we don't know about ourselves: but, the Lord knows all about them. The best way to be in, is just believing what the Lord reports to you about yourself, without having to see it before you can believe what He has said. Remember how the Lord told Peter that he would deny Him three times; but, Peter did not believe Him. That was a secret fault about Peter, which Peter could not see about himself! Peter could not understand his error of not realizing Whom He was that was reporting this thing to him! Remember how the prophet Elisha told a certain man about how he would become king by killing his master; but, the man did not realize who he was that reported that matter to him! Because the man did not believe the report; he got his proof after he had done the thing which God gave Elisha to report to him! This is a problem with many in these days: they are not considering who it is that is reporting things to them. If Peter had believed the report of the Lord Jesus Christ; he could have asked the Lord to remove from him that which would cause him to do such a thing! The Lord said, “Blessed are they that believe without having seen!” We are striving for the more perfect ways, by believing without having to see it first! Sins can be avoided by just believing what the Lord is reporting to us! We are looking to cancel out the things that causes the sins! We are looking to keep from falling to sins! Avoidance is better than having to confess! Consider the Lord Jesus Christ: He kept Himself from sin! Therefore, seek the perfection in the Way!  Seek to be able to avoid the fall!  Amen!

    Now, we must see to it that the nature of the evil is removed, and utterly destroyed, so that we will not be led into sins! These are evil natures that still remain from the past. I am as that man of 20 years ago, because in Spiritual age, I am over 20. This shows a method of canceling out the nature of an evil spirit, which the Lord will reveal! This also shows a concern for those who still have the nature of darkness, whom you were associated with while in darkness! As I learn, I also share with others, so that they can have the same things I am given! The Lord reveals whatsoever He will in His Time! He will purge out the evils from us bit by bit!  Remember: these are secret things, which we never suspected as being in us. Who would have ever thought you would do what you did? Surely, not you!  But, when you are being told about something, you must believe what you are hearing, because it is coming from the mouth of someone whom the Lord has ordained as His mouth!  These things are not being spoken to you to condemn you; but, to make a way for you to escape the trap that has been set for you.  Appreciate what the Lord is trying to do for you!  And, give Him thanks for the warnings!  This will make it easier for Him to give you more warnings about those things that are to come!  Amen!

Desire that all people be delivered!  Everyone needs that desire for others to be delivered, also! Also, you must desire to be able to give them that which you have gained! This is part of that commandment to shout from the housetop that which you have heard!  But, you have to be led by the Spirit in doing this! Normally, those who were in sin with you, will not listen to you: but, there is a way of reaching them, if you will follow the Lord's instructions!  This could be done in a round about way by making sure you give what you have received to strangers; and, some stranger will also be able to reach those whom you knew in the past, because it is not likely that they will listen to you.  Therefore, you should pray that you would be strengthened to labor more abundantly!

   In this dream, the Lord was showing a way of neutralizing the effects of the evil nature within a person! It takes Spirits of Light to cancel out the spirits of darkness! It is the Spirit that does the work! Even while a person is in sin, it is the evil spirits, which inhabits the person, that causes the person to do what he is doing!  Then, the evil spirit is removed; but, the evil effects (nature) of the evil spirit remains! Not only are we concerned about removing the evil spirits from ourselves, and from other people; but, we must also be concerned about removing the nature of those spirits! Take, for instance, the violent spirit!  When he is cast out, he has left his nature in the person; and, the person will continue on in that nature, even without the spirit inhabiting him! There is no evidence that the person has such an evil nature in him, because he has not seen any violence coming forth from him! But, when the Lord reports this fact; he must believe the Lord! He does not want to see proof by committing a violent act. The violent spirit was cast out: but, his nature remains! This example is shown in the Book of Revelation, during the 7th Seal! Even though Satan was bound up in the "Bottomless Pit" for a thousand years; the people were still able to continue on in the ways of Satan, because his nature was still in them!

    I was a man that was ruled by many evil spirits; and, especially a violent spirit, whereby I would even beat upon females! This was even from my youth, I did this! But, the Lord delivered me from those spirits when I was converted: but, I do now understand about the nature of some of those spirits yet remained in me! I was used by the spirit to be an abusive person! So, that abusive nature still remained in me. I could be abusive, even without the spirit inhabiting me. I thank You, O Lord, for this revelation! Now, I ask that You would give me what I need so that the nature of these spirits will be canceled out, also! Give unto me the Right Spirit in its place, I pray Thee!

It is written in Matthew 12:43-45, saying, “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then, he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and, when he has returned to that person, whom he was cast out of; and, he finds the spot that he was cast out of empty, swept, and garnished! Then, he goes, and takes with himself, seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and, the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so, shall it be also unto this wicked generation!”  Take the opportunity to be filled after these evils have been cast out of you!  Amen!

    After this, I was shown as returning to the place where the young female, with five children, was! She was left alone! She had been waiting for me to return! But, before I had returned to the place where the female was; I had seen a group of young people coming up the stairs where the ex-drunkard was! This was happening just as I was going back down stairs! These are the things of old coming back, with more evil, more wicked than themselves, to try to retake the house! But, now this house is filled! I had given him what he needed; and, he had taken it.  Now, I am trying to give you what you need!  Amen!

Give us the full understanding of these evil natures, O Lord; and, cause us to know what to do about them, I pray Thee! You will not deny us that which we need!

    Now, understand this, all of you: you will be tried by many coming unto you, after you have received the Truth, and have been delivered from certain kinds of spirits! But, because the nature of that evil is now gone; you will not be enticed by those who come unto you.

    I thank You, O Lord, for the Word; and, for performing in me that which is needed! Thank You for the purging out of the evil natures; and, for strengthening me against the wickedness!

This is also what the Lord was showing in Matthew 7:24-27, when He said that the winds would blow, and beat upon the house; and, that the floods would come up against the house! The house is the person; and, the wind is the evil spirits; and, the flood is the people coming up against you! But, the rain is the understanding which comes out from God! As soon as you receive something from God, the evil will come in to try you! The Lord is telling all, that not only must they hear the Truth; but, they must do those things which He has commanded them to do! He said that if you would not do what He has said; you will be like a foolish person who built his house upon the sand! So, as I was leaving the man; I saw a group of young people coming up the stairs to where the man was. All were headed for the place where I had left the man that had the drinking problem!  These were coming to him for the purpose of trying to get him back in the way he was! And, these are as that flood that the Lord spoke about in Matthew 7:24-27.

    I returned to the house where the woman with the five children were, and found her lying on the sofa, holding one of the children on her bosom. My Lord, what is the problem that is being shown here?

    She appeared like she was waiting patiently for me to return! But, what manner of conversation had she been hearing from the evil spirits? This is the part of Matthew 7:24-27, that speaks about the wind blowing upon the house! She was alone: but, the evil is always present! What do we do to strengthen people when they are alone with these spirits, O Lord? I hear them talking all the time! Consider how the spirits influenced you, because you were given to listening to evil conversations in the past! The evil spirits that were within, controlled the hearing, and caused you to hear the reports of the darkness, and to be influenced by these reports! The spirits are gone out: but, the nature of listening to evil reports, still remains! Let the nature of listening to evil reports be removed, and utterly destroyed!

Be it done unto me, even as You have said, my Lord, because Your Report is true!

    The wind symbolizes the evil spirits that be speaking with you! But, had her mind been swayed in any manner, even if it were just for a moment? These are suspicions which come about as result of remembering things which were done against you in the past! This situation might seem like one of those times!  She has five children, and no husband! Each man left her with children! If you have had a history of dealing with lying, cheating, and deceiving people; you might be looking at this present relationship in the same manner as those of old! This nature remains from old. What your mate is saying and doing, might appear to you to be what the others said, and did! And, the evidence of your being fooled many times, are the children, which you had out of wedlock! But, I wanted to set her mind at ease: so, I felt it was necessary to tell her about the friend that had the drinking problem. I spoke the Truth: so, if she had the Love of the Lord in her heart, she would believe me! Plus, she would have the Holy Ghost to confirm the Truth for her, if she has been founded in being in subjection to the Holy Ghost! But, this suspicious nature must be removed, and utterly destroyed, also!

My Lord, let it be done even as You have said, I pray Thee!

But, do you truly know the man, or woman that you are with? Will you stand on your belief, no matter what kind of reports come concerning him, or her? Can you be persuaded to change your opinions about the person? My Lord, You know!

    If one sheep is lost, make sure that the 99 are safe before you go out seeking the one lost sheep!  After I had spoken with her, she agreed that he does have a drinking problem! But, what was the evil spirits trying to do to her, while I was away? Drinking symbolizes being under the influence of the alcohol: and, the Word tells us that a drunkard cannot make a wise decision! But, the Word is dealing with alcohol as evil spirits! This is speaking about people who are constantly being influenced by the evil spirits! These are as drunk people! And, it must be realized that the evil spirits are making the people do those things which they are doing; and, no man can give up anything until the spirit that influences him is removed! And, as long as the nature of these spirits remains; you will be vexed by those natures.

Also, look at the young female with the five children! That is evidence of her past! That is evidence of repeated acts of fornication! The fornicator spirit was there! What kind of nature will show up that was left over by a Fornicating spirit, my Lord?

    How many lies did she believe? She also has a nature of believing lies! When you are in darkness, you are given to believing lies: and, whenever the Truth is spoken to you, it is looked upon as a lie; and, honesty is looked upon with suspicions! And now, is she able to trust the man whom she is with, as a wife must do? This is why all natures of the past must be purged out of us; and, we must be renewed in our minds! If the nature of old spirits remain: we will be judging the present situations, based on those things which we learned in the past! These are spirits that were used to develop distrust in a person; and, the nature of those spirits remains in many. Do you know the man that you are with? What can come in to sway your thinking about a person? Nothing! Are you truly established in what you believe about a person?

    Remember the man that was ministered to; and, then left on his own! Would he be able to stand against those that came in against him? Yes!

How many times did she get fooled by someone who got her pregnant? But, she must realize that she was just as much to blame for what happened to her, as those who did it to her! There is no way you can get out of a thing until the Lord sends forth deliverance to you, because evil spirits won’t let you go willingly!  They must be forced out by a Higher Power!  Amen!

    Many are drunk without knowing that they are drunk! They walk under the influence of the evil spirits without the Power to be aware that they are operating under the influence of these spirits! These spirits will also make you feel good about that which you are doing, just like it is when a person gets drunk: he feels good! Amen!

    These spirits have the people in subjection to their will; but, when they are gone out of you; the nature of these spirits can make you feel like you are justified, and that everybody else is treating you wrong. This nature will not allow you to see your evils! But, the man that is sober can tell who is drunk: and, many who think they are sober, are actually drunk! They don't make wise decisions; and, as a drunk man, they go about feeling good about what they are doing! It is time to change the nature of the spirits which inhabits you! Your deliverance has come! You can choose to walk after the Light, or you can choose to continue to walk after the darkness! You can choose to continue to be fooled by these lying spirits, working through these young men; or you can be delivered from this situation of fornication! The choice is yours to make! Call upon the Lord; and, you shall be saved from the destruction that is to come! Fear God, and His Wrath: and, desire to be delivered from that situation that is leading you to torment in Hell! This is the Light that causes you to see yourself as you are.

This Report has come to the drunkard, and unto the fornicator! Now, you shall ask the Lord saying, “Let the nature of these be removed, and be utterly destroyed, O Lord; and, give unto me such as I need in place of these natures, I pray Thee!”  Amen!

    Lord, I thank You for giving me to write this just as I am hearing it; and, not for me to try to remember the things in the order in which I saw them! These things are Yours; and, I do not know what You were showing me, except You give me to understand it! No one can know anything by himself, because You are that Light that reveals all things! Make it clear, O Holy Father! Cause these people's eyes to be opened so that they can see what they are bound with! Cause their minds to be free, because they will automatically think that they are not bound with anything! Amen!

These are as those Jews whom the Lord spoke with, that said unto Him, that they were never in bondage to any man!  Amen!

Help them to see clearly, O Lord, I pray Thee! Amen!

I was given to read Obadiah this morning! There is much confusion: but, You have given me to acknowledge You in all of this! Therefore, the confusion is delivered into Your Hands for You to deal with it! And, those that send forth the confusion shall reap the confusion upon their own heads!

    I hope for peace with people; and, I hope for comfort for the people: but, I know that the rewards will come to people even as they are sowing! I have a concern for the younger females who have been left with a lot of children. I saw females cashing child support checks on yesterday; and, I looked at how they were dressed! This shows an unawareness, that they are causing the hearts of men to lust after them! They are showing men what they want men to desire about them! If you stimulate the sexual desires in a man; his desires shall rule over you; and, you will become subject to his desires! That is the Law of God!  They walked in darkness; and, were deceived! They got pregnant, time and time again: but, the Word of the Lord was not their delight; and, now they are filled with much bitterness! This bitterness has taken them deeper into darkness! They would not come to the Lord; and, everyone that chooses anything while in darkness, will choose the things of darkness! They expected a man of darkness to show them love, when there is no love in anyone who is in darkness! They counted love as an emotional feeling, which people are still doing in these days! And, neither is there any faithfulness towards one another by those who are in darkness!  You cannot be greater than the spirits that rule in you; and, you cannot go contrary to the master that rules in you!  Amen!

These females still don't have any Light over their heads; and, they are still subject to the will of the darkness; and, now they go about dressing in a lewd way, to entice other men of the same sort that got them pregnant in the first place! They show their bodies freely; and, they are loud, with filthy mouths, because of the foul and unclean spirits that are in them!

    I thought about motherhood; and, the examples that these females are showing their children! Shall not their sons grow up looking for female bodies as the men before them? As long as the Lord is not leading, this cycle will be repeated over and over again! Shall not their daughters grow up to become a worse kind of female than the mothers that bore them? Shall the cycle end? Only if the cycle is put to an end, by turning away from the ways that lead to this destruction, can it end! Your deliverance has come, also! And, now you must choose!

Beautiful people are those who have the Righteous Spirit!

I will be moved only by the Spirit of God, and not by any other spirit, because the Lord God is Faithful, and is my Keeper!  Because You are God, You cause all things to happen as they need to happen.  This body cannot do anything by itself, because of the evils that are set against it!  But, You are the Almighty Who makes things to work!  You rebuke the evils; and, You restore things to their proper working order.  You are He Whom we are told to depend on; and, You are Worthy to be depended on.  You have given me excellent thoughts about You to know You in Truth!  The body needs to do something that it cannot do; therefore, I call upon You to give the ability to the body to be able to do what it needs to do.  Thank You for the thoughts of my heart; and, for the Words of my mouth, and for those Words that are communicated with my hands.  Amen!  Blessed are You, O Holy Father; and, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Blessed are the Holy Angels of God; and, all that is in Heaven is Blessed and Holy!

Abigail came to David to appease his anger!  By her act, she turned David's anger away from her husband, and from his house, because David was set to go to destroy the whole house of Nabal!  And so, it is written in Zechariah 6 that those who turned to God was the reason His Wrath was turned away from the nation!  No one was aware of the tremendous danger they lived in every day!  The sins of the people are mounting up to Heaven like a great mountain being formed, and growing steadily!  I saw this!  No one saw this, nor was there anyone aware of this, because these people had in their minds that God favored them: but, little did they know about the Wrath that was about to be poured out upon them.  Even unto this day, people are not aware of God's Anger against them!  But, I work while it is yet Day!





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