This is:


Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"


He said, "Come!"  Then, after you came with Him, He said, "See!"  What happened then?

You cannot become something else until you acknowledge what you are!

"The Forming of 666"

Paul said in 2nd Thessalonians 2 that he could see this thing already forming in his time!  Imagine how it has grown, and has spreaded in these days: but, who can see it?  You are caught in it; and, it is blinding you!  Its power is great; and, it is increasing!  Minds are being taken into captivity!  It came up as Christianity which became widely accepted: but, there were very subtle differences from the True Christianity.  Therefore, we are commanded to learn of the operations of the Early Church, and compare their works with what you see going on in these days with that which is being called Christianity.  Stay informed by these Reports!  The kinds of spirits that occupies your mind is what rules over you, and causes you to believe as they so wills!  Only when one that is sent by God to speak with you; or, when that which is written by the hands of those whom the Lord did ordain as writers (scribes) is given to you; only then will there be Power with you to cause you to know the evils that are within you, ruling over you.  That is the Coming of the Light to you!  You are a captive; and, this is being sent to set you free, so you can make your own choices about what kinds of spirits shall rule in you.  This is the Power of Truth!  Even if a True Child of God shall speak with you; you are set free, because it shall not be the person who speaks: but, it is the Spirit of God within that person who is speaking with you.  The Powerful Angels of God do encamp round about all of those who belong to the Lord.  They make the situation clear of all evil; and, They bind up the spirits of darkness!  They let you be free; and, you are made to understand the Truth!  But, whosoever has not submitted himself to the Will of God to hear the Words of the Lord at the mouth of the preachers whom the Lord ordained and sent, are under the power of the darkness by choice. These will no longer be caused to understand by the Angels of God.  They are turned over to evil to believe delusions, because the person has chosen them as his master and lord!

Pray for the Spirit to come to you from God to translate these Reports!  First: you learn how to submit!

Yes, Sir! Your Good Pleasure!

"Follow The Instructions That The Lord Gave You!"

How well are you learning how to follow instructions?  Now, when you were young, you went where you decided; and, you did what you decided!  But, when you are growing up, you allow yourself to be told by the Spirit what to do, and where to go.  You learn to give respect to Him which is Greater than you!  Daily, you are being given instructions by the Way the Lord God said He would teach you and instruct you!  No excuses!  But, how are you doing?  You have to attain unto preciseness!  Don't allow excuses for yourself!

When you know the right thing to do, and don't do it; you are in sin!  You don't make excuses for yourselves for not doing what you know is right!  Your excuses won't stand!  Your time is running out!  God will not accept the excuse as the lying thoughts are telling you!  What is the point of knowing what is right to do; but, won't do it?  What good is knowing?  Where is Strength?

I wish you would know the Peace!

"A Trumpet Is Sounding!"

We will show you truth!  "Amen!"

Blessed is He Who has come in the Name of the Lord!  Give us the Messages!  Give us skills; and, cause us to understand as Authorized by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I write as I am hearing!  Cause the hearing to be as it is supposed to be, I pray Thee.  You cause the listening attentively as we need.  Let all disturbances be utterly destroy from before us.  Cause us to have what we need to be patient in waiting, also, O Heavenly Father.  These are the prayers of faith which You cause me to receive.

Xmeah ShaEl-Ela'ReEl!
Children of Christ of America
(No Certain Dwelling Place)
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