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Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"



My, my, my, my, Riech D. Cruz!  Nice!

"The Knowledge of Good and Evil Is Increasing!"

I saw Satan talking to the Lord Jesus Christ!  Spirits encompasses time; and, can manifest themselves at any time in the world!  They already exist in the future; and, they see the future as it is, and as it will be.  They were here when we arrived; and, they saw this time before it appeared!  Satan was with the Lord Jesus in the wilderness; and, took Him through time in a moment of time to show Him all of the kingdoms of the world as they would appear: but, the Lord already knew all about them, their rise and their fall.  You cannot sell Jesus on what He already knows will be destroyed.  He knows the rise and fall of kingdoms also.  Satan possesses the knowledge of good and evil; and, that is the knowledge by which all of these kingdoms were able to rise up.  But, God controls who this knowledge can be given to, and when this knowledge can be given.  God regulates all of it.  When Satan tried to give the atomic bomb to Nazi Germany, God stopped it, because the prophesy said that this great sword would come from the land of the Red man, which is America (Revelation 6:3-4: "And when He had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.   And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.").  That great sword was the invention of the atomic bomb, which ushered in the atomic age; and, from that time peace was taken from the earth because of the production of the nuclear weapons that were produced that could reach any place on earth.  Fear grips the nations as of this day, because the people of these nations know they can be struck from long distances.  Before the development of rocket propelled missiles, people had no such fear.

You know how you look at yourself when you see pictures of yourself; and, you know what you hear when you are hearing your own voice!  Not my sound, nor my appearance shall not be a hindrance to people: but, the Spirit of God will overshadow the people whereby they are not affected by the sound of my voice or my appearance!  Blessed are You, O Lord God Almighty!  You let nothing stand in the way of people receiving.  That evil shall not be in me; nor, shall it be before me.  Rebuke these evil things, because your own thoughts will hinder your effectiveness!

Went outside this morning with Cherry to do some more painting on the van!  I park in the shady part of the backyard under the tree until the sun rises to a position in the heavens where it starts to shine on the van; and, then we stop.  As the Lord permits, we wait until the evening when the sun has moved further west, and the trees cast a shadow over a portion of the yard; we go out again, and do more painting.  But, not by habit: but, by instructions.

"What Is Called Common Clothing?"

These are clothing you wear everything that is suitable for whatever you need to do!  But, what is this that you wear on Sunday?  Are these clothing suitable for whatever you might have to do?  You only wear your Holy Clothes on Sunday!  Jesus wore His all the time.  So, do I!  You wear certain clothes on Sunday that you don't wear at any other times!  I wear the same clothes everyday!  Those are just outward garments; but, I am clothed in my right mind!  I wear this same mind all the time, which is constantly being washed by the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Do you consider your appearance?  You spend a lot of money for fashions to cover your bodies; but, you don't consider the covering of the fashion of your mind.  What do you set to display before God at all times?  You give more consideration to what people think about you than you do to what God thinks about you.  You don't listen to what the preacher is saying while knowing it is God talking to you, telling you what He wants to see coming from you!  But, you will give respect to what people like!  Then, destruction takes place!  You are looking for God to help you!  Why?  Did you care about doing what He said pleases Him?  Let those whom you sought to please help you!  They can't, because they are also looking for help.  But, being clothed with your right mind is what God is look for.

As long as you are praising God, Power is being generated!  Haven't you heard that?  So, why are you so silent?


"Turn Back The Hands of Time!"

The meditations of my heart come from the Lord!  I acknowledge this!  For what reason were these meditations being given to me to think upon?  Understanding comes from the Lord by way of His Messenger Angel!  Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord with the Reports; and, with the skills, and the Understanding from God!  Give me the Reports!  Cause me to Understand as the Lord has Authorized for to be.  And, let the Skills be applied also.  All that the Lord sent; let it be received; and, let it be done unto me even as the Lord Authorized.  Amen!

While upon the bed, I meditated upon turning back time!  What does that mean?  I said, "Would that mean I would return to age 55, if 15 years were given to me, like it was given to King Hezekiah of Judah?"  Nothing is impossible for God; and, I am careful of the thoughts that come to mind.  Did not Sarah laugh when the Lord God told her that she would conceive, and bare a child in her old age?  What do we think about what we hear?  I listen for evils speaking within my mind that be mocking God!  I will shut them down, because I am determined that nothing will appear to me as being impossible for God!  I was curious how this would work.  I remembered the short story that I wrote while in high school (1961) whereby a man's age started to reverse.  Would this turning back of time affect everybody in the world?  King Hezekiah of Judah was healed of the sickness that he would die from.  Things are progressing towards destruction; and, if it shall continue on in the way it is going, destruction could take place soon.  At the rate things are going, it could take place very soon.  God could set it back whereby it will not take place; but, will be delayed.  But, that destruction will eventually take place: but, not just now!  I write; and, I continue to write: but, I am also kept in the watch!

"Bread and Water Waiting When You Awaken!"

worship-the-lord-1It is time to change these things!  Evil is doing all of the loud talking while those who call themselves Christians are walking around like zombies!  But, I am not like that!  As much as possible I make this old face to shine; I smile; and, I talk!  I sing in public!  Light is not hidden; and neither are we silent people!  In public we are not silent, walking like walking dead!  Trumpets make sounds!  Honor the Lord; and, Glorify Him!  Show joy!  I make my vehicle bright whereby it will attract attention.  I speak about my body first!  I make a joyful noise as the Lord has made me to be able to do.  In public, you are ashamed of the Lord: but, in private you leap and shout!  The voices of darkness are the loudest in public!  I know God is looking at me; and, I want people to know who I look to.  I want people to know that God does make His people to be a joyful people, and a friendly people!  Do you?  Outdoors is where the praise needs to be, because outdoors is where the trouble usually is.  The evil will meet you outside of your houses!  Are your highways, hedges, bushes, and byways in your houses; or, are they outside of your houses?  Are you showing any respect for the Lord.  Obedience to do what He said is showing respect for Him.  Light is to be shown to those who are in darkness.  And, that is what I do, because the Lord God told us to do that!  And, that is why I do it, besides enjoying doing it that way.  Silence is for the sick; praise is for the healthy!

"Reputations Of People Shall Not Cause You To Forget God!"

Isaiah 57:11: "And of whom have you been afraid or feared, that you have lied, and have not remembered Me, nor laid it to your heart? Have not I held My peace even of old, and you did not fear Me?"

What can make you so afraid that you will lean to the lie to try to save yourself from harm? Is there anything? The Lord knows if there is! (Pray, saying, "My Lord, let this not be found in me, because the lie is offensive to God; and, it causes us to play right into the hands of the enemy.") Evil is present before you, threatening you! God is also present! One is seen; and, the Other is Unseen! Both wants you to say and do what is pleasing in His sight! Which of these are you more afraid of? If you use the lie to save your life, you will lose it: because God will kill you! In this dream, I did not want to say anything that would offend him. I saw how he was trying to get his switch blade knife to open; but, it would not come open. The evil works on your fears! The evil also causes you to remember all of the reports that you have heard about certain people, and even certain areas, whereby you will refuse to go to these areas, even though God commanded you to go there! Sometimes, in your mind, you can just see the bad things happening to you. It was shown that I did imagine being cut on the arm; and, the blood would be showing. It was in the area of the right upper arm that I pictured being cut, because that was the side he was standing on. What was this showing that I was thinking about doing afterwards? This thing is being played through in your mind: and, because this goes contrary to what God said: you can be sure there will not be a good end result for you. It is the evil that is boasting himself before your face. In my mind I had to accept the fact that I was going to get cut. What could stop him? This is powerful influencing of the mind by evil spirits. It was a threat taking place; and, I was responding as if this man really had the power to do all of these things, which he was being used to threaten to do. Who could prevent him? The Lord could! But, the thoughts about the Lord was not in my mind at the time; and, there was shown that there was no confidence in being protected! In some situations you feel like you are protected: but, in other situations, you have not seen that confidence that the Lord is going to protect you. What was this threatening all about? Remember the place where all of this was taking place. Those are the things that comes to your mind that can happen to you when you are about to confess something. If fear of what might happen to you can cause you not to confess: then, you are facing the Wrath of God. Which of these will you show more fear of? This is the truth!

But, who am I? I see the Spiritual man, and I see the physical man! If harm is allowed to happen to the physical man, that does not mean God has allowed something to happen to the Spiritual man! Only because there would be no confessions, can there be destruction of the Spiritual man. The sin is the destroyer of the soul. I remembered how the Lord allowed Satan to touch all that Job had, even his body: but, he was not allowed to touch his life! Job, in the true sense, was protected! So, our thoughts become set on the Truth; and, the Truth about who we are, and what is God protecting, becomes established in our hearts! But, nothing can happen to our bodies, except God allows this to be, to allow us to be tried!

My Lord, give us to know ourselves for who we really are; and, let the lying thoughts about the life being the physical body, be removed, I pray Thee! This affects us greatly! Those things that affects us must be removed! These are lying spirits that turns our thoughts towards something that is not true, even as the vision came about being cut! These are threats, which the wicked is allowed to threaten us with, to try to get us to go contrary to the way, which God has said for us to go! Here is someone that is called a crazy man in the same room with you! This is taking place in your heart! You are the one who knows what you must do, and need to do. But, this other spirit is trying to prevent you from doing that which will eliminate him. He is trying to make you so afraid, that you won't obey God. What thoughts do you have? Truly, you say God is greater than all things; and, there is nothing that He does not have Power over: but, has this become a reality of your lives, whereby you live with confidence in that which you say? There is no time for lying, because all of these things must be removed during this time of being purged! There is no time for being afraid of what people will think about you because you confessed to a weakness!

Here is your prayer, saying, "Let this not be with me, I pray Thee: but, fill me with all confidence that I am protected, O Lord, if I am protected. If I am not protected; let me know what I must do to be protected!" Amen!

Xmeah ShaEl-Ela'ReEl!
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