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Carrium means "Message From God!"


"These Are The Words of Truth!"



I am on the highway; now, show me the signs!  You order the steps!  They are not known before they are ordered.  We know them as they are being ordered!  Peace is in the Way.  O Angels of the Lord, You are given charge over us!  Keep us in all of the Ways in which the Lord is ordering us to go.  No evil can enter in to cause confusion.  Blessed is the Help that You give, O Lord our God!  Cause the eyes to be drawn; and, remove the evils from before the faces of the people!  No blinding can take place!  Everything is left in the Hands of the Lord!

A question arose: if you are doing what pleases your husband, are you pleased with what pleases him?  Does what pleases him please you?  You spend a lot of time giving attention to your hair; and, this was something that was told to the wives not to do!  How much attention are you giving to your inward man?

I have declared it; and, will declare it again!  "Your Glory!"

My mind is focused in the battle; and, I am given to recognize how the evil is always attempting to distract me.  What does it matter what people think about me, or say about me?  But, I keep my focus on doing what He Who sent me is giving me to do.  I see many people trying to get praise for themselves.  That is what they want: but, how will that benefit them when those who give praise are not sincere people?  Do you not know you are asking for flatteries?

You are trying to get God to be interested in what you are interested in, rather than letting Him send to you what you need to be concerned about!

This took place on 11th Street going north bound!  I remembered that red Mustang I saw yesterday that got caught in a jam.  There was no way out for it, even with all of its power.  Cars had it surrounded; and, those cars would not move to allow it to get through.  A car was behind it, and ahead of it; two were on the left side of it; and, the shoulder of the road was on it's right.  Then, I understood the land of the Red man: the Red Horse of Revelation 6.  You cannot escape!  Like the Lord God said by Isaiah in that 47th chapter, saying to the whore, "See now if you can be delivered by all of that which you trusted in!"

Everybody awaken out of their sleep!  Gotta have Praise!  Gotta have a joyful heart!  If you don't have it; that is because God has not given you one, because you never did what was needful to get it.

"Have Power; Will Travel!"

Yes, I am willing to go!  And, I am willing to stay!  The Spirit is sent; and, I fight!  I fight by obedience.  I lie down upon my bed!  I lie down wherever the Spirit directs me.  I don't say I don't want to sleep, or lie down, because meekness does not allow such thoughts.  That is like trying to tell God what to do!

Shall I take orders from people whose desires are constantly for evil?  Shall I be influenced by people whose desires are for nothing but pleasure?  When Something has to be done, the Lord God sends the Spirit to me.  I am caused to rise up to do what needs to be done.

Children always bring their friends into what was turned over to them by their parents.  Did not Solomon's son do that after the kingdom was turned over to him.

Xmeah ShaEl-Ela'ReEl!
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